Major Contributions of Steve Jobs to Apple

Major Contributions of Steve Jobs to Apple

Early Years of Apple

The Formation of Apple Inc.

In 1976, Steve Jobs, along with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne,

Assess Skills

Choose an idea that matches your skillset. It's easier to succeed in a business if you're already experienced or knowledgeable in the area

Building an Effective Paid Search Campaign in Google Ads

A comprehensive guide to build a successful paid search campaign using Google Ads platform.

1. Understand Your Business & Goals

Knowing specifics about your business and defining clear goals.

1.1 Identify Target Audience

Understand who could benefit from your product/service.

1.2 Set Specific Goals

Determine what you want to achieve with your campaign.

1.3 Establish Budget

Decide how much you are willing to spend on your campaign.

2. Keyword Research

Identifying the right keywords can drive targeted traffic to your business.

2.1 Brainstorm Potential Keywords

Think of potential search terms that are relevant to your business.

2.2 Use Keyword Tools

Use tools like Google's Keyword Planner for suggestions and search volume data.

2.3 Prioritize Keywords

Decide which keywords are most relevant and have the greatest potential return.

3. Creating Relevant Ad Copies

Craft your ads to appeal to your target audience.

3.1 Write Catchy Headlines

Create compelling headlines that grab attention.

3.2 Describe Benefits

Clearly describe the benefits of your product/service.

3.3 Include CTA

Call-To-Action encourages the potential customer to take action.

4. Landing Page Optimization

Optimize your landing page to improve conversion rates.

4.1 Clear & Concise Content

Landing page content should be to the point and easy to read.

4.2 Visual Appeal

Use engaging graphics, videos, and layout to keep visitor's attention.

4.3 Mobile Optimization

Ensure your landing page is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices.

5. Monitor & Optimize Campaign

Constant monitoring and adjustment to improve campaign performance.

5.1 Track Performance

Use Google analytics to track ad performance.

5.2 A/B Test Ads

Regularly test different ad and landing page variations.

5.3 Adjust Bids & Budget

Adjust bids and budget based on performance to maximize ROI.