Corporate Identity for Dubbing Courses Company

Corporate Identity for Dubbing Courses Company

Corporate identity helps solidify a company’s image and brand values in the minds of consumers, influencing perceptions and customer experience.

Logo Design

A visual representation that encapsulates the brand's essence.

Color Palette

Mainly #139DC2 (a light blue)


Fonts that align with the company's character. Needs to be fun, but not childish.


Symbols or icons that represent the dubbing industry or education. Something with a teacher that looks like a microphone.

Marketing Materials

Tangible expressions of the brand’s visual identity.


Informative pamphlets showcasing services and courses.

Promotional Merchandise

Items like pens, notebooks, or USB drives that bear the company logo.

Online Presence

Digital platforms reflecting the company's corporate identity.

Website Design

Incorporating brand elements for a cohesive look and user experience.

Social Media Profiles

Ensuring a consistent brand image across various platforms.

Content Strategy

Creating voice and tone guidelines for online communications.

Internal Branding

Reinforcing the corporate identity within the organization.

Employee Training

Educating staff about the brand's core values and representation.

Internal Communications

Brand-aligned templates and messaging for internal use.

Office Branding

Decor and design that reflect the corporate identity in the workplace environment.

Customer Experience

The embodiment of the brand’s identity into customer interactions.

Course Material Design

Ensuring educational content aligns with brand visuals and values.

Support Services

Customer service protocols that reflect the company’s brand tone.

Feedback System

Encouraging feedback to improve and maintain brand quality.

Complementary Color Scheme

Select colors opposite on the color wheel to #139DC2 for contrast, such as oranges or warm yellows, to complement the light blue.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Develop a range of blue hues, adding lighter tints and darker shades to #139DC2, creating a cohesive and soothing monochromatic look.

Analogous Color Scheme

Choose colors that are next to #139DC2 on the color wheel, such as teals and azure blues, to build a harmonious and serene color palette.

Nature-Inspired Palette

Incorporate earth tones and greens that reflect natural landscapes, offering a balance to the light blue and bring a touch of nature to the palette.