Business Process Improvement

Business Process Improvement

Improving efficiency and productivity in managing partner relationships and tasks through Telegram chat.

Communication Standardization

Creating a common language for clearer and more efficient communication among partners.

Uniform Report Formatting

Instruct partners to present their weekly reports in the same format to save time spent on understanding each report.

Standardized Task Requests

Establish a uniform format for assigning daily tasks to ensure clear and efficient delivery of instructions.

Use of Telegram Bots

Utilize Telegram's bot feature to automate and streamline processes.

Time Management

Optimizing time spent on managing partner tasks and interactions.

Designated Interaction Hours

Set specific times during the day to handle partner chats to avoid constant interruptions and promote productivity.

Weekly Meeting Schedules

Arrange for scheduled weekly meetings to handle all report discussions, issues and next steps.

Task Prioritization

Institute a system to manage task priorities to ensure timely completion of important activities.


Using tech tools to streamline and automate processes for better efficiency.

Automated Report Collection

Use of bots or other tools for automatic collection and collation of weekly partner reports.

Task Reminder Bots

Employing bots for sending task reminders to partners at designated times.

Chat Organization Tools

Leverage tools that helps in organizing and managing multiple ongoing chats for easy reference and tracking.

Feedback and Improvement

Regularly updating the process based on feedback and observations.

Regular Feedback Collection

Establish a system to collect feedback from partners on the communication and task management process.

Process Review and Improvement

Carry out periodic reviews of the process and make necessary changes for continuous improvement.

Reward System

Institute a reward system to encourage partners to follow the standard process and be more productive.