Project Management Framework

Project Integration Management

Overview of the coordinated activities and processes to ensure that the various elements of the project are properly harmonized.

Develop Project Charter

The process of developing a document that formally authorizes a project or a phase.

Purpose of Project Charter

Defines the scope, objectives, and participants in a project.

Key Elements

Includes project purpose, measurable objectives, high-level requirements.

Approval and Authority

Provides the project manager with the authority to apply organizational resources to project activities.

Stakeholder Identification

Identifies all stakeholders, ensuring proper project direction and communication.

Develop Project Management Plan

The process of defining, preparing, and coordinating all subsidiary plans into a comprehensive project management plan.

Subsidiary Plans

Incorporates all ancillary plans such as scope, schedule, cost, quality, resource, and communications plans.


Establishes scope, schedule, and cost baselines for tracking project performance.

Change Management Plan

Outlines the process for managing changes to the project management plan.

Execution Strategy

Describes how the project will be executed, monitored, and controlled.

Direct and Manage Project Work

The process of leading and performing the work defined in the project management plan to achieve project objectives.

Implementation of PM Plan

Involves executing the defined plans and facilitating the flow of work activities.

Work Authorization System

Ensures that work is done at the right time and in the right sequence.

Preventive and Corrective Actions

Enabling mechanisms to address potential risks and take corrective actions for issues.

Project Knowledge

Utilization of the obtained knowledge for process improvements and organizational learning.

Monitor and Control Project Work

The process of tracking, reviewing, and reporting project progress against the performance objectives defined in the project management plan.

Key Performance Indicators

Set of quantifiable measures used to gauge project performance.

Integrated Change Control

Facilitates tracking changes and their implications on the project.

Project Updates

Incorporates changes into the project's plans and documents.

Performance Reports

Summary of project status, forecasts, and issues.

Perform Integrated Change Control

The process of reviewing all change requests, approving changes, and managing changes to deliverables, project documents, and the project management plan.

Change Request Processing

Evaluating the impact, coordinating changes across the entire project, gaining approval or rejection.

Decision Making

Change control board or project manager reviews and approves or rejects changes.

Change Log

Maintaining a record of all change requests, their status, and impact on the project.

Configuration Management

Ensures that project products are consistent and operate as intended.

Close Project or Phase

The process of finalizing all activities to formally close the project or a project phase.

Final Product Delivery

Ensures that the project has been completed, all work is done, and client has accepted the deliverables.

Administrative Closure

Finalizing project or phase paperwork, releasing resources, and recording learnings.

Contract Closure

Confirmation that all terms of the contract have been met and closure of any procurement agreements.

Archive Project Information

Documenting and preserving project information for future use and audit purposes.