Shiny App Installation via Anaconda Cheat Sheet

Step 1: Install Anaconda

Ensure Anaconda is installed on your system. Download it from the official website.

Step 2: Update Conda

Update Conda to the latest version using the command:

conda update conda

Step 3: Create a New Environment

Create a new Conda environment for the Shiny app:

conda create --name shiny_app_env r-essentials r-base

Step 4: Activate Environment

Activate the newly created environment:

conda activate shiny_app_env

Step 1: Install Shiny Package

Within the R console, install the Shiny package:


Step 2: Verify Shiny Installation

Load the Shiny library to verify it's installed correctly:


Step 3: Shiny Server (Optional)

If you need the Shiny server, install it separately:

conda install -c r r-shiny-server

Step 4: Additional Dependencies

Install any other dependencies your Shiny app may require using:


Step 1: Run App Locally

Run your app from within the R environment using:


Step 2: Launch App in Browser

Shiny will display a message with the address (usually to open in a web browser.

Step 3: Custom Port

To run the app on a different port:

runApp('path_to_app', port=desired_port_number)

Step 4: Stop App

To stop the app, press Ctrl + C in the R console.

List Environments

List all available Conda environments:

conda env list

Remove Environment

Remove an environment if no longer needed:

conda env remove --name shiny_app_env

Export Environment

Export your env's package list for reproduction:

conda list --export > package-list.txt

Import Environment

Create an env from a package list:

conda create --name new_env --file package-list.txt

Launch Navigator

Open Anaconda Navigator from the terminal:


Manage Environments

Use the Navigator's GUI to create, activate, or delete environments.

Launch R Studio

If R Studio is installed, you can launch it from the Navigator.

Access Shiny Apps

Navigate to the Shiny app directory and run apps using R Studio's interface.

Common Installation Issues

Check the R/Shiny package versions for compatibility issues and update if necessary.

Environment Activation

Ensure the correct environment is activated before launching the Shiny app.

Firewall Settings

Ensure your firewall allows traffic on the Shiny app's port if running on a server.

Shiny Server Logs

If using Shiny Server, consult the logs for debugging information: