ChatGPT Information Management

1. ChatGPT/Mind [Core Tech + Own LargeLang ] Chat CoreTECH Create Own Large Lang Model 2. Diagrams[Show Me, ChatGPT & Diagrams] Diagrams Creating Architechure Diagrams[Show me,Diagrams etc] 3D Printing 3D Apps 3. ChatGPT - Chatbot Programming Build ChatBot Zapier Own your data Free AI Tools AI News & Twitter 4. Chatbot/Zapier Integration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzEilWbMAs8&ab_channel=BaggottsBOTsDigitalMarketingAgency https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGOyw_M1mNE&ab_channel=TheAIAdvantage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGOyw_M1mNE&ab_channel=TheAIAdvantage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3Lbwwjdy8g&ab_channel=LearningDojo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rh1w-AA87NM&ab_channel=ZapierAcademy 5. ChatPT - Evergreen/Prog PART 1 Chat: Evergre -1 Build Basic Site with Chat GPT Chat GPT Output archive in google docs Ref/How to Sell Idea [User ChatGPT to Business, Sites] Open AI codes Python 6. ChatGPT News/Events[Webin PCI] AI News AI Impact [PCI] Politics Culture Bard News 7. ChatGPT -In-Progress OpenAI ChatGPT Login & MISC ChatGPT Prompt Results Developer / Development Network [ ie https://www.reddit.com/r/ChatGPT//]

ChatGPT Information Management

Organize resources for ChatGPT programming and related technology.

Core Technology and Language Models

Explore the underlying technologies and development of language models.


Own Large Language Model

Diagrams and Architecture

Chatbot Programming and Tools

Development and tools related to building chatbots with ChatGPT.

Building Chatbots

Free AI Tools

AI News & Twitter Feeds

Data Ownership and Integration

Integration with Other Applications

Utilize ChatGPT's capabilities in various applications and services.

Chatbot/Zapier Integration

3D Applications

Own Development Networks

Web Presence and Output Management

Strategies for managing ChatGPT's output and online presence.

Creating a Basic Website

Output Archive

Ideation and Business

ChatGPT News and Events

Stay informed about the latest events and updates in the ChatGPT landscape.

AI News Updates

AI Impact on Politics and Culture

Bard News

ChatGPT In-Progress Projects

Keeping track of ongoing developments and projects within the ChatGPT ecosystem.

OpenAI Updates

Login and Miscellaneous

Prompt Results and Testimonies

AI Application Development Enhancements

Integrating new content for a comprehensive view on AI application development.

Learning to Code with AI

Expanding the curriculum with AI capabengagingilities for learning experiences.

Introduction to Programming with AI

Using AI to demonstrate coding fundamentals and logic.

AI-Enhanced Coding Tutorials and Resources

Tutorials that adapt to user's learning pace and style with AI suggestions.

Code Writing and Text Processing with AI

AI tools that assist in writing and optimizing code efficiently.

AI Core Technologies & Development

Exploring foundational technologies and methods for AI development.

AI Core Technologies

Understanding key algorithms and machine learning models in AI.

Large Language Model Development

Creating sophisticated models for natural language processing tasks.

Requirement Definition & Planning

Laying the groundwork for successful AI project execution.

Defining Requirements & Use Cases

Capturing the essential needs for AI application functionalities.

App Flow and Architecture Visualization

Utilizing AI to simulate and visualize application flow and architecture.

AI-Driven Development Environments

Development environments enhanced with AI for smarter coding.

Automating Workflows with AI

Incorporating AI to automate repetitive and complex development tasks.

AI Visualization & Design Tools

Visual aids and design software augmented with AI technology.

Architecture & System Design

AI tools that provide insights and optimizations for system design.

AI-Assisted Diagram Creation

Quickly generating diagrams and visuals with the help of AI.

3D Modeling and Printing

AI algorithms improving 3D design and printing processes.

Testing, QA, and Deployment

Implementing AI tools for refinement and distribution of AI applications.

Testing and QA with AI Tools

Enhanced testing mechanisms using AI for detecting issues and bugs.

Deployment Strategies and Best Practices

AI-driven insights for efficient deployment of applications.

Chatbot Development & Integration

Developing conversational interfaces with AI's assistance.

Chatbot Frameworks & Tools

Frameworks that simplify chatbot creation and integration with AI.

Data Sovereignty & Privacy

AI solutions adhering to data regulations and privacy concerns.

AI-Enhanced Web Development

Improving web development practices through AI integration.

AI-Driven Web Development

Streamlining web development processes with AI insights and automation.

Documentation & Archiving with AI

AI tools that help in creating and maintaining extensive documentation.

AI News & Cultural Impact

Keeping updated with AI industry changes and understanding its societal effects.

AI Industry News

Latest advancements and trends within the AI sector.

AI's Sociopolitical Impact

Exploring how AI is reshaping social and political landscapes.

AI Development Community & Resources

Fostering a collaborative environment for AI developers and enthusiasts.

AI Research & Development Updates

Discovering new breakthroughs in AI research and development.

AI Toolkits & User Guides

Sharing practical tools and guides for efficient AI application building.