KANBAN Recruting


Third-party sales teams often struggle with low compensation rates when partnering with companies. This lack of financial incentive can lead to decreased motivation and performance, hindering sales success and growth opportunities.


Our company is offering direct partnerships with third-party sales teams, replacing their existing, lower-paying contracts. We provide competitive compensation, fostering a motivated sales force.

By transitioning to our superior pay model, sales teams will experience a boost in morale and productivity. Our straightforward contracts also ensure transparency and trust.

This shift to our company means stronger partnership ties, higher earnings, and a dedicated support system for these teams, aligning their successes with our own.

Core Features

Go to Market Strategy

Our go-to-market strategy centers on identifying high-potential sales teams currently under unsatisfactory contracts and presenting our value proposition. We will leverage industry events, networking, and targeted outreach for initial engagement.

Market Size & Opportunity

The sales outsourcing market presents vast opportunities with growing demand for skilled sales professionals. Our analysis estimates the potential market size for third-party sales teams to be significant.

Within the next three years, we anticipate capturing a considerable share of the market by targeting teams dissatisfied with their current contracts and presenting our lucrative alternative.

Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with these teams, thereby securing a steady growth trajectory for both their sales figures and our market presence.

Vision & Future Plans

Our vision is to become the preferred partner for third-party sales teams, recognized for fair compensation, support, and growth opportunities.

We plan to continuously evaluate and adjust our compensation packages to ensure competitiveness and attract top sales talent.

Future plans involve expanding our offerings to additional services such as sales analytics and strategic sales planning, becoming an all-encompassing solution for sales team empowerment.

Competitive Differentiation

We differentiate ourselves by focusing on higher pay, superior support, and robust growth opportunities for sales teams. Unlike others, we prioritize the well-being and success of our partners, leading to mutual benefits and stronger collaborations.

Closing Remarks

Embrace a game-changing transition. Partner with us for industry-leading compensation, unwavering support, and shared success. Together, we can redefine the potential of third-party sales teams and set new standards for partnership excellence.