Demotic Text Structure Analysis

The Structure of Demotic Text The structure of the poor man and the rich man in Setme II (1:16-2:27) 1.1 Setme and Si-Osiri witness two different funerals. (1:16-19) 1.1.1 The rich man is buried with honour and ceremony, while the poor man is wrapped in mat into the desert. (1:16-18) 1.1.2 Setme admires the rich man’s fortune and laments the poor man’s fate. (1:19) 1.2 Si-Osiri challenges Setme’s view and claims the opposite. (1:20-22) 1.2.1 Si-Osiri says let Setme shall be treated as the poor man in Amenti and not as rich man (1:20-21) 1.2.2 Si-Osiri offers to show Setme the truth in the netherworld. (1:22) 1.3 Si-Osiri takes Setme to the underworld and shows him the seven halls. (1:22-2:8) 1.3.1 They pass through the first three halls, where the souls of the dead are judged and punished. (1:23-33) 1.3.2 They enter the fourth hall, where the souls of the wicked are tormented by hunger and thirst. (1:34-2:1) 1.3.3 They proceed to the fifth hall, where the souls of the noble are rewarded with food and drink and a lamenting man with door bolt. (2:2-3) 1.3.4 They reach the sixth hall, where the souls of the accused are tried and sentenced. (2:4) 1.3.5 They arrive at the seventh hall, where the souls of the virtuous are honoured by Osiris and his court. (2:5-8) 1.4 Si-Osiri reveals that the rich man is tormented and the poor man is honoured. (2:9-23) 1.4.1 Si-Osiri identifies the poor man, who is the distinguished servant near Osiris. (2:9-12) 1.4.2 Si-Osiri points out the rich man, who is the miserable soul under the gate’s pivot. (2:13-14) 1.4.3 Si-Osiri explains that the deeds of the men in life determined their fate in death. (2:15-23) 1.5 The return of Setme and Si-Osiri from underworld (2:24-27)

Mindmap Creation Process

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Mindmap Structure

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Central Idea

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