Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart for a Personal Brand Company

An overarching structure defining different departments and roles essential in running a Personal Brand Company.

Executive Management

Responsible for making major decisions, setting strategies and overall direction of the company.


The chief executive responsible for the overall operations and performance of the company.


In charge of the financial aspects, helps in strategic planning, risk management and financial reporting.


Handles the branding, marketing strategies, and customer engagement for the personal brand company.

Operations Department

Ensures the smooth day-to-day operations and services of the company.

Production Manager

Directs the creation process, manages employees and ensures the brand's quality standards.

Logistics Manager

Handles the shipping, delivery and supply chain management of the company.

Customer Service Manager

Tackles customer complaints, inquiries, and ensures customer satisfaction.

Marketing and Sales Department

Drives brand awareness, customer acquisition, and revenue generation.

Marketing Manager

Develops and executes marketing strategies to increase brand visibility and customer attraction.

Sales Manager

In charge of setting sales goals, developing sales strategies and managing the sales team.

Public Relations Officer

Handles the brand image, media publicity, and maintains good relations with stakeholders.

Human Resources Department

Responsible for hiring, retaining, and developing the company's workforce

HR Manager

Deals with recruitment, employee relations, performance management, and training.

Staffing Coordinator

Responsible for sourcing, interviewing and hiring potential candidates for vacant positions.

Training and Development Specialist

Looks after the onboarding, training and professional development activities for employees.