Cement Production and CO2 Emissions

Cement Production and CO2 Emissions

Preparing Raw Materials

Initial stage involves extraction and preparation, leading to emissions.

Extraction of Raw Materials

CO2 released from machinery and transportation.

Crushing and Mixing

Emissions from energy consumption in processing.

Release from Raw Materials

Limestone decarbonation emits significant CO2.

Burning Clinker

The heart of the cement manufacturing process.

Kiln Operation

High temperatures in kilns release CO2 from raw materials.

Fuel Combustion

Fossil fuels burned for heat contribute to CO2 emissions.

Clinker Formation

Chemical reactions in the kiln release CO2.

Grinding Cement

Final stage of production entails further energy utilization.

Operation of Grinding Mills

Electricity and heat energy use leads to indirect CO2 emissions.

Packaging Process

Additional emissions from the packaging facilities and equipment.

Transportation of Cement

Shipping cement to various locations emits CO2.

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