Luke 16:19-31 Analysis

The Structure of Luke 16:19-31 1. The contrast between the rich man and Lazarus in life and death (v. 19-22) 1.1 Rich man enjoys luxury and poor man in pain. (v. 19-21) 1.2 Both men die and one is carried by angels. (v. 22) 1.3 Poor man goes to Abraham’s side, rich man goes to Hades. (v. 22) 2. The importance of listening to the word of God and repenting in this life (v. 23-31) 2.1 Rich man’s plea for relief and explanation. (v. 23-26) 2.1.1 The rich man sees the poor man with Abraham and asks for water. (v. 23-24) 2.1.2 Abraham refuses and reminds the rich man of his earthly choices and consequences. (v. 25) 2.1.3 Abraham also says there is no way to cross the chasm. (v. 26) 2.2 Rich man’s request for warning and it’s rejection. (v. 27-31) 2.2.1 The rich man worries about his brothers and asks Abraham to send the poor man to them. (v. 27-28) 2.2.2 Abraham says his brothers have enough guidance from the law and the prophets. (v. 29) 2.2.3 A rich man thinks his brothers will listen to a dead person. (v. 30) 2.2.4 Abraham says his brothers will not believe even a resurrection. (v. 31)

Luke 16:19-31 Analysis

Understanding the parable's structure and teachings.

Life and Death Contrast (v. 19-22)

Differences depicted between two men.

Rich Man's Luxury

Lived in opulence, oblivious to Lazarus's plight.

Lazarus's Pain

Suffered greatly, longing for scraps from the rich man.

Death and Destiny

Both men die, experiencing vastly different fates.

Word of God and Repentance (v. 23-31) Emphasizing the necessity of spiritual awareness.

Rich Man's Plea (v. 23-26)

Expresses regret and awareness too late.

Request for Water

A moment of realization of his suffering.

Abraham's Response

A reminder of unchangeable consequences post-death.

Chasm Between Sides

Indicative of irrevocable decisions made in life.

Warning for Living (v. 27-31)

A message for the living to heed spiritual warnings.

Concern for Brothers

Rich man's plea to warn his family.

Law and Prophets Suffice

Abraham indicates existing scriptures should guide them.

Unheeded Resurrection

Prediction of disbelief even if the dead return.

The Parable of the Rich Man and Lazarus

The narrative presents a stark contrast and emphasizes the need for repentance.

Contrast in Life and Death

The initial verses set the scene for the afterlife consequences of earthly actions.

Rich and Poor Man's Life

The rich man indulges, while Lazarus suffers.

Death of Both Men

Transition to afterlife, reversing their fortunes.


Lazarus is comforted, the rich man torments.

Importance of Repentance

The parable is a moral lesson on heeding divine guidance.

Rich Man's Plea for Relief

Requests for water go unheeded due to past actions.

Rich Man's Consequences

The unbridgeable gap between comfort and suffering.

Brothers' Warning Rejected

Efforts to warn the living are met with pessimism about their willingness to change.