Frentor Placement Management System

Frentor Placement Management System

Frentor, an EdTech startup, offers a comprehensive solution for placement management, streamlining the process for students, colleges, and companies. Its user-centric approach ensures a customized and efficient experience, guiding users through distinct flows based on their roles: students, placement officers, verifiers, and companies.

For students, Frentor allows profile management, detailed educational and placement information, CV suggestions, and a mentorship section. Placement officers can manage college and student details, invite companies for placement sessions, and coordinate communications.

The platform facilitates companies to create placement requirements, access student profiles, and handle selected candidates. A dedicated verifier ensures the authenticity of submitted details, maintaining the integrity of Frentor's ecosystem and enhancing trust among all participants.

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Problem: Inefficient Placement in Tier 2 & 3 Cities

In Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, student placements face inefficiency and a lack of personalization. Students grapple with finding the right job opportunities, while companies struggle to identify suitable candidates, leading to a disconnect that affects both parties.

Solution: Frentor’s Tailored Placement Platform

Frentor offers a revolutionary, user-centric platform, uniquely focusing on Tier 2 and 3 cities to bridge the gap between students and employers. Our platform provides personalized recommendations, ensuring efficient and effective placement outcomes.

The application taps into advanced AI algorithms for comprehensive company background checks, AI-driven capability assessments, and matches students with organizations, dramatically improving placement processes using smart technology.

With features like AI-facilitated peer learning and personalized feedback, Frentor delivers an ecosystem that supports students throughout their placement journey, making it a standout solution in the education technology sector.

Market Size & Opportunity: Tapping into Untapped Markets

Targeting a robust but underserved segment, Frentor recognizes the burgeoning pool of talent in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. There's a considerable market potential in revolutionizing how student placements are managed across hundreds of colleges.

The education technology sector growth coincides with our vision, as there's a rising demand for proficient talent. With the existing market trends, Frentor is poised to tap into a market ripe for significant growth and innovation.

We aim to eventually expand our services beyond these cities, leveraging our scalable platform to reach other regions and markets, progressively charting a course to become the quintessential placement solution nationwide.

Core features: Intelligent & Personalized Placement

Frentor's platform boasts AI-driven student assessments, tailored job matching, and real-time career guidance to pave the way for personalized placement experiences. Additionally, we offer AI-backed company checks and comprehensive peer learning capabilities enhancing trust and collaboration.

Go to market strategy: Strategic Roll-out Plan

Our go-to-market strategy emphasizes building partnerships with colleges in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities. We'll utilize digital marketing to target these institutions, coupled with a grassroots approach, participating in education fairs and campus drives.

By offering trial subscriptions and demonstrating the effectiveness of our platform, we encourage adoption among colleges and expand student reach. Partnerships with industry bodies will foster acceptance and infuse trust in Frentor's solution.

A referral program will incentivize existing users to share Frentor, organically growing our user base. A phased roll-out ensures we can adapt and iterate based on initial feedback from our foundational markets.

Vision & Future Plans: Leadership & Expansion

With the vision to be the leading platform in student placements within five years, Frentor plans to expand nationally, connecting thousands of students with suitable job opportunities and becoming an integral part of college placement infrastructure.

Frentor Business Overview

An overview of Frentor's business model, challenges, solutions, and potential in the student placement sector.

Business Summary

Frentor is a placement management tool designed for students in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, providing personalized recommendations and user-friendly experiences.

Revenue Generation

Charges fees to companies for profile access, offers premium features, and considers commission on placements.


Emphasizes personalized student-company matches using AI, focusing on user-centric solutions.

Target Audience

Serves colleges and students in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, tapping into a significant market with high growth potential.

Business Model

Frentor's diversified revenue streams include company access fees, student and college subscriptions, and additional services.

Fee Structure

Companies pay to access student profiles, while students and colleges may subscribe for premium features.


Exploring commissions on successful placements as an additional revenue source.

Annual Fees

Planning to charge students for profile building and learning services annually.

Market Analysis

Understanding Frentor's position within the competitive space of student placements.

Market Demand

Rising demand for skilled personnel in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities emphasizes the need for Frentor's services.


Distinctive from generic job boards by focusing on personalization and Tier 2 and Tier 3 city markets.

Expansion Potential

Opportunities to expand services to other regions and sectors in the future.

AI and LLM Integration

Leveraging AI/ML and LLM tools to innovate and improve internal and external services.

AI in Placements

Using AI to enhance personalized recommendations and the accuracy of student-company matches.

LLM for Data Analysis

Employing LLM tools for advanced data analytics to identify trends and optimize services.

AI for Peer Learning

Facilitating collaborative learning among students through AI recommendations and groups.

Monetization Strategies

Frentor's approach to generating revenue through tailored services reflects its unique value proposition.

Premium Insights

Companies pay for in-depth insights into candidates, including background checks using AI.

Career Guidance Packages

Personalized packages for students that utilize AI assessments to suggest career paths.

Sponsored Opportunities

Companies can sponsor placements to prioritize visibility to suitable candidates.

User Engagement

Detailing how Frentor addresses specific user pain points and provides innovative solutions.

Personalized Matching

Students receive job matches based on capabilities; colleges streamline placement processes.

Career Support

Tailored guidance and industry insights assist students in career planning; colleges use market analysis for curricula updates.

Verification Services

Skills and certification verification services add credibility to student profiles.

Challenges and Risks

Identifying possible impediments to Frentor's success and strategies to mitigate them.

Market Saturation

Navigating through a crowded market with competitive edtech solutions and retaining users.

Economic Fluctuations

Adapting strategies to manage impacts from economic changes that affect job placements.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring adherence to education and data protection regulations for seamless operations.