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Dental Practice Portals and their Functionalities

Dental Practice Portals: An Overview

Dental practices utilize their corresponding Practice Portals to assign their patients to the confirmed Case Days. These assignments are subsequently visible on the Platform.

Workflow of Scheduling

This outlines the process from submission of availability to final confirmations and possible modifications.

Submission of Availability

This is the initial step in the scheduling process.

Employees Submitting Availability

All employees should submit their availability for upcoming scheduling period.

Managers Reviewing Availability

The oversight of availability is performed by the managers.

Feedback to Employees

If necessary, feedback is provided based on availability data.

Case Day Creation

This is the step where the actual days for cases are created.

Review of Case Requirements

Each case requirement is thoroughly reviewed.

Assignment of Cases to Days

Decisions are made for case days.

Communication of Case Days

Once finalized, case days are communicated to all.

Team Matching

This step involves allocating teams for each case day.

Assessment of Skillsets

Each member's skills are evaluated for team placement.

Formation of Teams

The teams are carefully put together considering skills.

Confirmation of Team Members

Each member of the team receives a confirmation.

Final Confirmations and Possible Modifications

This step includes any final adjustments and confirmation.

Review of Schedules

The full schedule is reviewed for any necessary alterations.


If necessary, changes are made to the schedule.

Communication of Final Schedules

Finalized schedules are then communicated to all.

Case Day Management System

Understanding the interaction between the Platform, Practices, and Case Days.

Practice Portal

User interface for Practices to interact with the system.

Initiate Case Day

The practice can schedule a new Case Day via the portal.

Edit Case Day

The practice can update details of a confirmed Case Day.

Cancel Case Day

The practice can cancel a confirmed Case Day.

Confirmation of Case Day

The practice can confirm the details of a Case Day through the portal.

Platform's Role

Manages and processes all updates made by Practices through the portal.

Receive Updates

The platform catches any changes made to Case Days by Practices.

Process Updates

The platform processes and confirms changes to Case Days.

Communicate Changes

The platform communicates changes to all concerned parties (depending on predefined criteria/parameters).

Manage Case Day Confirmations

The platform also handles confirmations of Case Days initiated by the Practices.

How to Implement a Sample Scheduling Administration Workflow in Healthcare?

Introduction to the Workflow

Introduction to the Administration Workflow

This workflow explains how healthcare providers like nurses, medics, and anesthesiologists submit their availability, how dental practices request for desired case days, and how the Clinical Service Manager/Clinical Manager arranges and confirms the schedule.

Clinician Availability Submission

Clinicians submit their availability through the healthcare provider's portal. This step is crucial as it determines who is available to be assigned to desired case days.

Practice Desired Case Days Submission

The dental practices submit their desired Case Days. These days remain unconfirmed until matched with a suitable healthcare provider.

Case Day Creation and Team Matching

The Clinical Manager creates a Case Day and matches teams of three clinicians based on the specific requirements of the dental practices. Each Case Day must have one of each provider type (Nurse, Medic, Anesthesiologist) for it to be considered complete.

Case Day Confirmation and Notifications

After the care team has been assigned, the Manager confirms the Case Day and notifies all relevant persons. The assigned providers are informed via text message and through the Portal. The respective Practices also receive notification of the finalized schedule.

Patient Assignment and Additional Scheduler Actions

Dental practices can assign patients to the Confirmed Case Days. The Manager has the ability to view, reject, cancel, or reschedule Case Days. Providers are notified if there are any changes to a confirmed Case Day.

Practice Portal Updates

The platform will receive updates/edits to Case Days from dental practices via their respective portals. This allows the platform to be up-to-date even after a Case Day has been confirmed.