Understanding Aerkon


The Beatitudes are blessings pronounced by Jesus that teach about the supreme blessedness of those who embody spiritual ideals.

Acts of Devotion

Stresses the importance of sincerity in religious exercises.

Key Concepts from 'Drop the Rock'

Exploring the main themes and takeaways from the recovery book 'Drop the Rock'.

Letting Go of Shortcomings

Understanding that personal growth requires letting go of character defects and behaviors that hinder recovery.


Identifying the personal flaws and habits that are detrimental to one's well-being and relationships.


Learning to accept these shortcomings as part of the past, acknowledging their presence without judgment.

Willingness to Change

Developing the desire to actively make changes in one's life and behavior.


Taking concrete steps towards improvement and making amends for past behaviors.

The Role of Higher Power

Emphasizing the importance of a Higher Power in the process of removing these defects.


Surrendering to the idea that one is not solely in control and can seek guidance from a Higher Power.


Building faith in a Higher Power and the process of recovery itself.


Trusting in the journey and that the Higher Power will help in removing shortcomings.

Steps Six and Seven

Focusing on the 12-Step program's crucial steps that relate to character defects and shortcomings.


Making oneself ready to have these defects removed through reflection and awareness.


Approaching these steps with humility and openness to change.

Requesting Removal

Actively asking one's Higher Power to remove these shortcomings as part of the recovery process.

Personal Responsibility

Understanding the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions and ongoing recovery.


Regularly reflecting on one's behavior to identify areas for growth.

Making Amends

Taking responsibility for past actions and making amends where possible.

Continuous Growth

Committing to lifelong learning and self-improvement as part of recovery.

Compassion and Forgiveness

Learning the significance of extending compassion to oneself and others.


Forgiving oneself for past mistakes as a way to move forward.

Forgiving Others

Cultivating forgiveness towards others as a means of releasing resentment and embracing peace.

Helping Others

Using one's experiences to help others on their path to recovery.

The Effects of Releasing the Rock

Observing the changes that occur when one lets go of their 'rocks'—the impediments to recovery.


Experiencing the freedom that comes with the release of burdensome defects and habits.


Finding serenity and peace in recovery as obstacles are removed.

Improved Relationships

Noticing the improvements in personal relationships as a result of personal growth and emotional sobriety.