OmegaRender 3D Visualization Services Pitch Deck

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Introduction to OmegaRender

At OmegaRender, we specialize in 3D architectural visualization and rendering, transforming concepts into powerful virtual realities. With 7 years of experience and a vast geographical client base, we are the visionaries behind 23,000 renders, aiding architects, designers, and developers.

Our Esteemed Clientele

Our services reach global shores, with 50% of our clientele in the USA and significant presences in Canada, Western Europe, and beyond. Trusted by architectural studios, real estate agencies, and more, we cater to diverse sectors, including non-commercial projects.

Comprehensive Services Offered

Exterior and interior visualization, product rendering, architectural animation, VR, and 3D floor planning form our suite of services. Additionally, we offer modeling and essential assistance from the project kick-off to the final delivery of high-quality renders.

Client collaboration is at our core. We follow a multi-disciplinary approach ensuring seamless integration of client feedback at each stage—from grayscale modeling to the addition of final touches.

The requirements checklist we've developed ensures a smooth and efficient workflow, with detailed specifics for both exterior and interior renders, guaranteeing client satisfaction and project alignment.

Our Leadership Team

Artem Kupriianenko, our CEO, embodies the spirit of relentless progress and creative fusion. Julia Seliverstova, as COO, oversees operations with unmatched ease and technical precision, while Vladislav Ivanov shapes our market presence with innovative strategies.

With a talent for harmonious project management, Veronika Volovik ensures meticulous attention to detail. Serg Tomakh, head of business development, keeps an eye toward future potential, whilst Slava Plies, our art director, perfects the final visual masterpiece.

This leadership team continuously drives OmegaRender towards new horizons, ensuring clients receive not just a product but a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that stands apart in quality and innovation.

Market Size & Opportunity

The demand for 3D visualization is growing, influenced by advancements in real estate, construction, and design sectors. With a current production capacity of 500 images per month, OmegaRender aims to expand its reach, capitalizing on a market eager for high-quality, technologically advanced visualization services.

With the geographical distribution of our clients, we envision leveraging our strong foothold in North America and Western Europe while exploring emerging markets in regions such as the UAE.

Our ability to deliver exceptional quality consistently has poised us to become the preferred partner for numerous companies, fostering long-term relationships and driving the expansion of our market share.

Vision & Future Plans

OmegaRender is set to redefine the industry by investing in cutting-edge technologies and nurturing a team that transcends borders. Our ambition is to enhance our service delivery, innovate our offerings, and sustain our aesthetic spirit that keeps both our team and clients thrilled with the outcomes.

OmG 2023 Final.pdf

The OmegaRender Experience

OmegaRender specializes in crafting extraordinary 3D architectural visualizations, serving architects, designers, and developers globally. With seven years of experience and a production of 500 images per month, we're creating powerful realities for 300 clients across 40 countries, focusing heavily on the American and Canadian markets.

Our Esteemed Clientele

We pride ourselves on a broad clientele from architectural studios to real estate agencies and beyond, catering to various sectors such as construction, furniture manufacturing, hotels, and investment companies. We're not just in partnership but in co-creation with every client.

Comprehensive Services

Whether it's exterior or interior visualization, product modeling, architectural animation, or immersive VR experiences, OmegaRender offers an extensive range of services to bring your vision to life. We also excel in providing conceptual projects and intricate details through 3D rendering visualization.

Our methodical approach involves a clearly defined process from project kickoff to final delivery, ensuring alignment with client vision and feedback incorporation at every stage.

We value precision and excellence, requiring detailed project files, from site plans to material samples, ensuring every aspect of your vision is expertly rendered.

Distinct Advantages

OmegaRender stands apart due to its exceptional fusion of technology and creativity, guided by CEO Artem Kupriianenko's ethos of relentless progress and an inspiring aesthetic spirit.

Our international presence allows us to tap into world-class talent, led by COO Julia Seliverstova's impeccable project management and Vladislav Ivanov's innovative marketing strategies.

The dedication of our teams, from project management to art direction, ensures harmony, perfectionism, and an outcome that not only satisfies but leaves our clients in awe.

Global Reach and Collaboration

Half of our client base is rooted in the USA, with significant presences in Canada, Western Europe, UAE, and other regions. This wide geographical distribution testifies to our ability to understand and cater to different cultural aesthetics and architectural requirements.