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Initial Assessment

Audit the current social media presence, including analysis of audience demographics, engagement rates, and content performance for Aarna Hospital.

Identify the key healthcare topics and services that Aarna Hospital specializes in, to emphasize in the social media strategy.

Establish specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals for the 90-day social media campaign.

Content Creation

Develop a content calendar that outlines daily posts, incorporating health tips, patient testimonials, staff highlights, and facility updates.

Collaborate with healthcare professionals at Aarna Hospital to create informative and educational content that can provide value to the audience.

Plan a series of live Q&A sessions with doctors and specialists to engage with the community and answer their health-related queries.

Engagement & Growth

Implement a hashtag strategy to increase visibility and organic reach on platforms appropriate for Aarna Hospital, such as LinkedIn and Instagram.

Monitor and respond to comments, messages, and reviews promptly to build a strong relationship with the audience and foster trust in the Aarna brand.

Utilize paid advertising on social media to target local audiences and raise awareness about Aarna Hospital's facilities and services.

Measurement & Adjustment

Weekly review of analytics across all social platforms to gauge the success of the posts and campaigns, adjusting strategies as needed.

Collect and analyze patient feedback and suggestions from social media to improve the hospital's services and online communication.

Prepare a comprehensive report at the end of the 90-day cycle evaluating the impact of the social media plan on Aarna Hospital's brand awareness and patient engagement.

30-Day Social Media Content Plan for Aarna Hospital

30-Day Social Media Plan for Aarna Hospital

Day 1: Introduction to Urology Services

Day 2: Health Tip – Hydration

Day 3: Patient Testimonial

Day 4: Meet Our Urologists

Day 5: Urological Health FAQ

Day 6: World Kidney Day

Day 7: Healthcare Tips – Balanced Diet

Day 8: Urology Myth vs. Fact

Day 9: Behind the Scenes

Day 10: Staff Appreciation Post

Day 11: Patient Testimonial – Recovery Journey

Day 12: Importance of Regular Check-Ups

Day 13: Exercise Tips for Good Health

Day 14: Urology Q&A Session Announcement

Day 15: Urology Q&A Session Live

... To maintain the simplicity and clarity of this example, the list stops here. But for a full 30-day content plan, you would extend this with a variety of content types continuing to focus on services, patient care, staff profiles, health tips, community involvement, new technologies or procedures, and health awareness days relevant to the hospital's specializations.

If you require more details or assistance with the complete 30-day content plan, feel free to ask!