Test Planning and Estimation


Test Planning and Estimation

Key aspects to ensure effective testing processes and resource management.

Test Organization

The structure of the testing team and management roles.

Independent Testing

Hiring external testers can provide an unbiased perspective.

Tasks of a Test Manager and Tester

Defining roles and responsibilities to maintain an efficient workflow.

Test Planning

The blueprint for the entire testing process.

Purpose and Content of a Test Plan

Outlining the test strategy, objectives, schedule, and resources.

Test Strategy and Test Approach

Determining the testing type, methods, and scope based on project goals.

Entry Criteria and Exit Criteria

Setting guidelines for starting and concluding the test phases.

Test Estimation

Allocating appropriate time and resources for testing.

Factors Influencing Test Effort

Considering complexity, scope, and methodologies in effort predictions.

Test Estimation Techniques

Applying methods such as metric-based and expert-based estimations.