Human Resources Management Exam Preparation

Human Resources Management Exam Preparation

This will focus on key points in preparation for a HRM exam.

Common Misconceptions about HR

Dispelling the myths surrounding HR:

HR is a useless department

This misconception underestimates the importance of HR in managing and caring for employees.

HR does not understand business

This fallacy overlooks HR's responsibility in creating a work environment advantageous for business growth.

HR is for those who like working with people

This oversimplifies HR and fails to consider its multifaceted nature.

HR Crises: An Example from Goldman Sachs

Examining how high-pressure work environments can lead to HR crises:

Informal Survey and Demands

A survey by junior Goldman Sachs analysts sparked demands for better work conditions.

Response From Goldman Sachs

The bank acknowledged the concerns raised and began addressing them, which included introducing Saturdays off.

Token of Appreciation from Jeffries

To ensure better workplace environment, Jeffries allowed junior bankers to select a token of appreciation.

Definitions of HRM

Understanding HRM's multifaceted duties and responsibilities:

Leadership and Management

HRM involves leading and managing people within an organization through systems, methods, and procedures.

HR Planning, Legal Compliance, Compensation & Benefits

These constitute important roles of HR in an organization.

Training & Development, Job Analysis, Performance Appraisal

Further critical tasks undertaken by HR to maintain efficiency in employee management.

Paternity Leave Advocacy: Alexis Ohanian's Case

Discussing the importance of paternity leave and societal stigma surrounding it:

Advocate for Paternity Leave

Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian strongly advocates for paternity leave.

Perceived Stigma and Fear

Many men fear asking for paternity leave due to perceived workplace stigma.

Lack of Employer Support

Many expectant fathers do not believe their employers will support their request for paternity leave.

Impact on Career

Over 30% of expectant fathers feel paternity leave could negatively affect their careers.

Benefits of a Four-Day Work Week and Nike's Subscription Service

Highlighting alternative work schedules and innovative service models:

Improved Quality of Life and Productivity

Studies show a four-day work week improves work quality and employee well-being.

Sustainability Benefits

A shortened work week can also contribute to sustainability by reducing commute times.

Nike's Subscription Service

Nike provides a subscription service for children's sneakers, aiming to generate recurring revenue and build customer loyalty.