SEO Strategy and Content Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Process

The process of effectively marketing through social media platforms.

Consultation with SEO Professional

Getting expert advice to refine the social media marketing strategy.

Strategy Review

Discuss the current strategies and seek improvements.

Domain Recommendations

Inquire about relevant domains to enhance online presence.

Setup Accounts

Creating the necessary accounts on platforms for content management and planning.

Notion Account

Set up a Notion account for content organization.

Feather Account

Set up a Feather account for social media management.


Determining the starting point of the social media presence.

User Group Statistics

Collect basic statistics about key user demographics.

Ideation Phase

The creative process of generating blog content.

Brainstorm Blog Topics

List 10-20 potential blog article ideas.

Content Skeletonizing

Use tools like Notion and GPT to outline articles.

Content Development

Finalize articles and publish regularly, increasing pace over time.

Staggered Release

Release initial articles and plan a schedule for others.


Promoting content through various channels for maximum reach.

Own Web/Blog

Post articles on the company's website or blog.

Substack, Medium, Etc.

Syndicate articles on platforms like Substack and Medium.

Content Repurposing

Extract smaller content pieces to distribute on social media.

Social Media Content

Create social media posts from blog content.

Re-syndication via SMM

Using tools to schedule and share content across social networks.

Scheduling Posts

Schedule posts across social media using Hootsuite.


The evaluation phase to measure performance.

Performance Analysis

Analyzing the reach and engagement of published content.


Investing in successful content to enhance visibility.

Promote High-Performance Posts

Increase reach for well-performing posts.

Iterative Process

Continuously optimizing and repeating the process.

Rinse & Repeat

Re-syndicate performing posts to reinforce visibility.