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AI Summarizes dense PDF documents into easy-to-read visuals in 3 seconds, powerful for study, research and infographics.

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Why to use MyMap AI PDF Summarizer

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Quick upload and summary in seconds

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Summary results are editable

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Understand your complex pdf documents thoroughly

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Ease of Sharing

Easily publish and share with the world

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Infinite canvas

Organize additional information as you want

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Use Cases

Unlock More Possibilities: Discover How MyMap.AI Transforms Your PDF Experience

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Generate a mind map about the book 'Blockchain Revolution'

-- 'It helps me to read quickly and structurally, and more amazingly, it can always go deeper, longer or shorter, now I could finish a long paper 5x faster.'

transform any PDF documents to presentation free and effectively, also works for office documents, ppt, word, excels

Compliance Team

Outline the legal materials for training.

-- 'In lot of cases we need to highlight the long documentation into a short training session, this tool works perfectly to distill key points and automatically generate presentation-ready slides.'

Chat with any PDF easily, free and without sign-in. Talk to books, research papers, manuals, essays, legal contracts, whatever you have


Summarize the business reports and related newsletters

-- 'My routine is to read amounts of materials across platforms, sometimes the news are highly repetitive. This summarizer helps me to quickly grasp the essentials and dive deeper.'

MyMap AI PDF Summarizer FAQ

What does MyMap's PDF Summarizer do?

PDF Summarizer is an ChatGPT-Powered tool, which can summarize large complex pdf documents into easier-to-read, easier-to-understand format. It can save a lot time for reading pdf documents and get you understand the key points effortlessly.

Does it support office documents (word document, powerpoint presentation, excel) ?

Yes, it supports office documents just same as pdfs.

Does it support other languages apart from English?

Yes, all main languages are supported: English, Spanish, French, German, Protuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and so on. You can summarize pdfs into any supported languages.

Is my data secured at MyMap.AI?

Yes, we prioritize the privacy of user data by stritly adhering to globally recognized standars, including GDPR in Europe.

How does MyMap AI PDF Summarizer work?

We use latest AI technologies to make our services reliable, such as gpt4 api by openai, claude api by anthropic company, also including open source llama models

How to extract specified accurate information?

Of course, we support extracting specified information from pdf documents, if you don't need a brief summary.

You can extract any information in your documents by chatting with your files, you can ask any questions, express what you need, we can process your requests smartly.

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