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Why to use MyMap's Comparison Chart Maker?

AI Summary

Easy to read

The pair to pair layout makes it clear and easy to read.

AI Summary

Easy to modify

Edits in the card are easy and straightforward.

AI Summary

Easy to share

It allows for share and collaboration on the same card.

Use Cases

Jump start from below competitive analysis templates

Stock performance/mutual fund comparison tool (eg. Compare Tesla vs Google stock performances in 2023)

Investment Comparison

AI-powered auto-generated chart allows people to do comprehensive analysis of comparable investments, simply try this prompt:

Compare Tesla vs Google performance in 2023.

Xfinity vs T-mobile price plan and performance comparison tool.

Product Comparison

The tool can not only serves as a bike / golf shaft comparison tool but also dog food comparison tool. Try this prompt:

Compare Xfinity vs T-mobile in price and performance

HR screening resume qualification to compare candidates from cs vs business background.

HR Recruiting Comparison

This comparison tool can largely accelerates the speed to filter and screen resumes, HR can use this prompt:

Compare candidate' capability for role of quantitative researcher from cs vs business background.

GI bill comparison tool for educational benefits, approved school list and veteran-friendly employers

Veteran Benefits Comparison

This online free tool can answer questions about the Veteran Affairs, ranging from available education programs to financial cost estimation and student loan applications, just try this prompt:

Compare educational benefits, approved school list and veteran-friendly employers for GI bill.

MyMap's Comparison Chart Maker FAQs

Can I share the generated comparison results to other people?

Sure, you can generate and share the comparison charts unlimited times under Team Pro plan, and limited access under basic month/annual plan. Simply go to the upright corner find the small triangle button, and share the link to your co-workers and friends easily.

What are the features of Comparison Chart Maker?

Comparison tool can help you to locate business or industry competitors in your field, evaluate their products or services by all means, so as to specify your unique advantages and highlight your own specialty. It can also be utilized as a analysis summarizer by your needs about any uncertain ideas, hesitating plans, or unclear information when comparing two or more items. You could leverage our competitive analysis report template to:

  1. Design tailored strategies to build and improve your privileged positions to earn stronger market shares if you are comparing your own business to other competitors in the industry.
  2. Organize the thinking process by listing out bullet points side by side if you are comparing several, at least two at the same time, either a specific type of merchants, or some vague similar concepts, or a possible option with its alternatives.

What is the step-by-step tutorial for Comparison Chart Maker?

  1. Select Your Comparison Type: Choose the type of comparison you want to make, whether it's between products, features, solutions, or any other variables.
  2. Input Your Data: Enter the relevant data for each option or variable you're comparing, including key attributes, metrics, or criteria.
  3. Customize Your Chart: Customize your comparison chart by selecting chart types, colors, labels, and other visual elements to enhance clarity and readability.
  4. Review and Analyze: Review your comparison chart to identify differences, similarities, strengths, and weaknesses among the options or variables.
  5. Share and Collaborate: Share your comparison chart with stakeholders, colleagues, or clients for feedback and collaboration, or use it as a visual aid in presentations or reports.
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