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Why use MyMap's Presentation Generator

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get rid of complex ppt and simplify presentation-making process

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AI integrated

powerful AI-enhanced chatting interface with a huge knowledge database

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automatic picture choosing and make your output expressive

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make team work easier and get things done efficiently

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Ease of Sharing

easily publish and share with the world

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Free trial

start your unforgetable journey with no cost

Explore how people use Presentation Generator

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Presentation on 'In-depth Look on AI Applicaiton in Finance


For students who want to quickly generate a visually stunning presentation for school projects, you can try this prompt:

Presentation on 'In-depth Look on AI Applicaiton in Finance.

Historical evolvement of Dinosaurs


For educators looking for a straightforward teaching tool to cultivate interaction during class, you can try this prompt:

Historical evolvement of Dinosaurs.

Draft a marketing campaign slide for 4-quarter air fryer


For people who need a tool to quickly transform ideas into captivating, rich-content presentations for proposal, you can use this prompt:

Draft a marketing campaign slide for 4-quarter air fryer.

MyMap AI Presentation Generator FAQs

What are the advantages comparing to using Powerpoint?

MyMap AI presentation generator is powered by latest Large language Model such as Chatgpt by openai, Claude model by entropic. It makes presentation making process easy and enjoyable, you can create whatever you want just by chatting out your needs, and it will be finished automatically with one click.

Can I import data from various sources into my MyMap presentation?

Of course you can, you can upload office documents: word, excel, ppts and pdf and then the information will be extracted automatically.

Is it possible to collaborate with others on a MyMap presentation?

Yes, you can easily collaborate with your friends and teamates at realtime.

Can MyMap AI presentations be exported into different formats or shared online?

Yes, you can publish your presentations and share with the world, also you can export images and pdf files with ease.

How does the AI-powered interface enhance my presentation-making process?

AI is built with a huge knowledge database, You can easily ask whatever you need and our AI-enhanced asssistant will understand your intent smartly and help finish the presentation without any your manual effort.

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